A Look at Dianne Andrews of “Dianne Andrews in Black and White”


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Shine a Light… Shine a Light…………


Dianne Andrews- entrepreneur, motivational speaker, author, philanthropist and now talk show host. She is the compelling host of the controversial show “Dianne Andrews, In Black & White”. This is the show that everyone is buzzing about. “In Black & White’s” content will make you stop, look, listen and consider the pertinent issues as Dianne uses her engaging interviewing style.

Dianne has found national and local topics that affect all of us. No matter what race, gender, or religion you will be enlightened and entertained. The host will bring you experts with differing points of view on the same topic. You can then make your decision as to what to believe as this topic relates to your world.

Her shows featured unprecedented religious panels, including a Muslim, Judaist, a Latter Day Saint, and an Atheist. Of course Baptist, Catholic, and Pentecostal were represented as well. Bullying and Walking while Black, Good Cop vs. Bad Cop, Rape Domestic Violence, Transgender, Colorism, The Doll Test, Ebola, issues have created a much needed decision on the effects caused by control issues ,a matriarchic society, poverty and teen age pregnancy. She presented ISIS prior to most major news networks! Come join the thought provoking need to know conversations with one of the best interviewers on television. Dianne shocks her audience with her almost photographic memory while questioning her guests with no notes or teleprompter on any shows.

She will then lighten the atmosphere by adding a splash of color with topics such as belly dancing, body language techniques, Dianne is currently writing a script for her action packed edge of the seat drama “Third Man Out”. Dianne is currently writing her 3rd book “Eye of Revenge” a sequel to “Third Man Out” that creates much drama during Hurricane Katrina in its ending scenes. Her second book “Gumbo for The Heart” is a tribute to 25 incredible people who have experienced physical, mental or financial challenges and still continued their lives with dignity.

If you miss her on television catch us 24/7/365 on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Remember “Between the black and white of an issue are always shades of gray.”

For information about “In Black & White” contact: Dianne Andrews @ (225) 933-0224. Go to the site and click on You Tube or go to You Tube directly to view the shows anytime day or night…

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